Caribbean Pirate’s Island Hideaway Has 7 Sugar-White Sandy Beaches

Legend has it there’s a treasure trove of silver pieces of eight buried on a tiny castaway island just off Marsh Harbour in the Bahamas. Back in the 1700s, one of the original, swashbuckling pirates of the Caribbean, Matthew Lowe, hung out here, giving the island its centuries-old name of Matt Lowe Cay.

According to Bahamian folklore, in 1715 Lowe and two of his dastardly fellow pirates, seized a Spanish galleon carrying over 11,000 pieces of eight. Much of the treasure is said to be still unaccounted for. Where’s it hidden? All clues point to Matt Lowe Cay.

Fact, or more likely fiction, it’s guaranteed to be a story that lucky homeowners at Montage Hotels & Resorts’ new Montage Cay development will be telling their kids before sending them off on a treasure hunt.

Last summer, Montage in partnership with Nassau-based backers Sterling Global Financial, acquired the 53-acre island with its seven sugar-white sandy beaches and 46-slip marina. Matt Lowe Cay got renamed Montage Cay and plans for a private island paradise were put in motion.


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